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The Placer County Breastfeeding Coalition is pleased to recognize local businesses who demonstrate best practices in supporting breastfeeding for the community and their employees.  Businesses with this designation certify that they are actively:

Clients and customers are welcome to breastfeed in the establishment

Employee policies meet or exceed CA State Laws for pumping or nursing at work

In addition to knowing your business practices are contributing to the health and happiness of mothers and babies in our community, the benefits of becoming a Placer County Breastfeeding Friendly Business include:

  • Listing on our website

  • Promotion on our social media

  • A Certificate of Designation for your advertising and display

  • Window cling decal for display at your site

There is no fee or charge to become BFB Designated! 

Just CLICK BELOW to fill out a short application!

Do you need more information about ideal ways to support your nursing customers and employees?  We are happy to provide free consultation to your business from a local lactation professional!  Please use the Contact Us form to reach out!

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